mercredi 10 août 2011

TV Metal

Here we go, the traditional weekly Metal video round up !
Summer is slow this year, but for unknown reasons, Metal bands still continue to release new music videos, but don't worry, most of them are cheesy as hell, it's gonna be a fun ride today.
Anyway, I'm writting this shit in english, don't really know why, so deal with it...

Edguy - Robin Hood

New Edguy's video is just awesome, and at the same time totally awkward, but it's pretty much what I expected from these german clowns when I heard they were working on a video called Robin Hood.
So this video is fun, cheesy, and we can see Tobias in love with a shemale princess, so it's ok.

Sebastian Bach - Kicking and Screaming

Breaking News: Sebastian Bach is still alive !!!!
and the dude is gonna release a new record this september, can you believe it ?
Well, the video is low budget, basically just a warehouse video, and musically... well, the 80's are back, not a good or a bad song, it's pretty generic, but the music is ok.

Mayan - War on Terror

First video for Epica's mastermind Mark Jansen new side-project, Mayan...
My first reaction: "WTF !? Where's Simone ?"
It's chiefly a more brutal version of Epica, with a male growler, and without Simone...
In this video, you could see some american soldier killing an arab, and happily, the band is destroyed by a missile launched by a chopper (with reallyyyy bad sfx)

Forbidden - Omega Wave

Damn, I love Forbidden, but I still can't believe they spent some money for this video, it's like a hippie acid trip, anyway, the song kicks ass !
Maybe Russ Anderson has spent the video budget in a taco bell...

Skalmold - Valhöll

This Skalmold video is not really what you can expect from an icelandic viking/folk Metal band, it's roughly a live footage from a basement, or a sauna, dunno...

Emmure - Children of Cybertron

Holy Crap, I hate Deathcore, Emmure sucks and after watching this shit, if you disagree with me, fuck you.
Music and video are both awful !

My ruin - Long dark night

Didn't know this band before, fronted by former Tura Satana's singer.
Good try, but sorry, I don't really feel the need to listen more...

Cephalic Carnage - Ohrwurm

You like Porn, Gore and Violence ?
Well, this disturbing video was made for you.
I'm not really sure of that, and I'm too lazy to check it out, but I think this video was released a few months ago in the Bloody Disgusting website, I mean, the penis explosion in the end seems familiar to me.

Dakota Scream - Primal Justice

Who are these guys ? I don't have a clue...
The song is not really good and it's only another video shot in a warehouse...

Seven - No Surrender

Another unknown band wich comes out from nowhere, the video is pretty good, but the song... it's like I already heard it a thousand times before.
Listen to the chorus, does the guy sing "Masturbated" ??? lol

The Treatment - D***k, F**k, F***t

Don't know this band, but it seems they're gonna be on tour with Alice cooper or something like that, I don't really care.
Anyway, the song is old school and not really bad, not really interesting either...

Trivium - Black

Another Trivium song recorded live in a studio... Nothing to say, the music is bad, like the album...

Saxon - Call to arms

Fuck you AOL, I can't embed the video properly, douchebags...
I love Saxon, but I'm sorry guys, your video is laughable...

To conclude this post, Not one, but TWO new videos from After the Burial.
I just watched the first one, and I can't bear to watch the second one, sorry, it's just... awful.
If you like this wave of Proggy/deathcore/Djent garbage bands, I guess you'd be happy, but if it's the case, get out of my blog assholes !

Your troubles will cease and fortune will smile upon you